• Quickly Express

Customers who have a tight schedule / emergency document, the Quickly Express service can be the solution. We will pick up packages / documents and send them directly to the destination safely, quickly and reliably (currently, Quickly Express specifically for Jabodetabek region and maximum orders must be made before 13.00 / 01.00 PM).

  • One Night Service

Tunas Express provides One Night Service service for the needs of Customers who want to send the package until the destination the next day (1 night). As a commitment, Tunas Express guarantees money back (shipping costs) if the package is not delivered the next day.

  • Reguler

By understanding and understanding the dynamic lifestyle of modern society, Tunas Express sees the importance of promoting effective values. practical and efficient. Regular Service Tunas can be a fast, safe and reliable delivery solution to the destination of shipping throughout Indonesia.

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PT. Tunas Esa Mandiri Sejahtera
PT. Tunas Esa Mandiri Sejahtera

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Blok M9 No.8, RT.13/RW.15
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Telp : 021-6603588

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